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"E veryBODY deserves a good nights rest" ... Michael B
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If you're visiting this web site you are either big or tall or both, and you are most likely uncomfortable sleeping in your current bed. No matter what position  you get in you're not comfortable. You are tossing and turning 40-50 times a night. Sometimes you wake up, simi-wake up or do so in that in between place of awake and sleeping.

Your body is saying "Hey, I am not happy". Pressure points in your shoulders and hips build up and restrict circulation.  The result is a restless sleep and a lack of restorative sleep that we all need. In the morning you feel as though you did not sleep at all. Your tired.

All that is about the change for the better.

You're nights of restless and uncomfortable sleep is about to change with the CAL EAST bed.

Many consider CAL EAST the most
significant improvement in sleep comfort for the big and tall sleeper....ever.

The Cal East bed is also perfect for those who are looking for something different in their sleeping or entertaining requirements.

Cal East Bedding

Riverside, CA

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LARRY  P. Poway  ( 6'8" , 400 pounds) Has not been happy with his past mattress sets. His first bed by TEMPUR-PEDIC did not last over two years. His next choice was from SLEEP TRAIN in San Diego. He was very unhappy within THREE WEEKS and returned the bed. He found us as a referral from AL DAVIS FURNITURE. To date Larry is sleeping much better and happy with his CAL EAST MATTRESS. (Larry is camera shy but approved his story.)




   Are you getting enough sleep?
Sleep is the most important part of the day.  Even though it happens at night its a lack of good sleep at night that affects what happens during the day. Do you ever find yourself nodding off during the day? Uncontrollably closing of your eyes. Yawning often during the day?  Sleepy behind the wheel?

     Our mattress is rated up to    600 pounds per person.

Thomas (6'3", 520 pounds) lives in Fresno, CA. He shopped every mattress store in the Fresno area. He found the Cal East Bedding web site. After being unhappy with every mattress he bought he was very happy to learn we had a mattress for him. He drove down from Fresno to the factory and bought the floor model  and took it home that day. After 3 years he reports to us it was the best decision he ever made . He sleeps like a baby every night.

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The Right Mattress Is Critical To Your Health.  To learn more click on this hot link .

       Great site for complete information about sleep.


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